Rapid Prototyping Week Two: Climate Clean-Up

General / 21 June 2019

So at work, we are currently taken part in a 6-week rapid prototyping program at the Pixelmill. The idea of the program is to develop new game ideas based on the themes given, this week's theme was climate disruption. Our game idea is a 

An idle/incremental web & mobile game.

Premise: Save the world by receiving contracts from Big Bad Corporations who need to dispose of their toxic waste.

Create neutralisers to make the toxic barrels safe again!

I worked closely with our new art intern Amy to create a visual design that best suited the game we were creating. My goal for the 6 weeks is to try and create a unique visual design for each project so with this game I felt like a comic book aesthetic best suited the game. Initially, we wanted to create something more modern in the line work but after picking up my copy of Watchmen again I felt the artwork of Dave Gibbons added to the game design and theme. The color pallet for the game was heavily inspired by the work done in classic Marvel comics from the 1960s.

  • Initial Concepts based on discussions with Adam and Amy
  • Background I illustrated
  • Game sprites I illustrated based on Amy and I's concepts 
  • Final game layout made up from elements illustrated by Amy and I

Overall I really enjoyed working on this little game prototype, the work done by the whole team was really impressive and I wouldn't mind returning to it at a later date. 

Back next week.