I have a bad feeling about this #4

blog four

Hello there. Sorry, it's been a while since my last update, progress on this project really depends on how busy I am and how interested I am in working on it, which lately have both been the reason for my silence. I drop in now and again and build a spaceship or update some assets I have issues with but it's not as frequent as I'd like. I've been preoccupied with other personal work too outside of work on this project and I sometimes felt like my personal portfolio was more important than this "hobby project" but this does showcase a side of my abilities that my portfolio sometimes lack i.e my process. Obviously this process is slow but as I've said before, this project is for fun and I am making it for myself and not to prove something to someone. 

Anywho, here are some updates.


I've gathered quite a collection of books related to the project in search of as much information on the design of the Trade Federation ship. It's not easy to get good images outside of screenshots from the film itself but it is cool (very cool) to learn that a majority of the interior shots were miniatures with actors composited in. As well as these books I've been using other games interpretations of that moment in the film such as Lego Star Wars, Star Wars Obi-Wan and Jedi Power Battles.

Researching a project is easily my favorite bit and I just love gathering the necessary materials needed. I can google most of the images I need these days but I still prefer to get a book because there's usually some material that isn't seen elsewhere expect in these books. Also, they look good on the shelf with all my other reference and art books. It's far more relaxing to stop and look threw a book than scroll endlessly down a webpage. 

  • "Research"

Consular-Class Cruiser 

I loved building this ship, dreading texturing it. I don't think this gets said enough but the ship design in the prequels are great and I always associate them with Star Wars more than the X-Wing or the Star Destroyer. The Trade Federation ship and the Naboo starfighter are just wonderful designs (Doug Chang is a genius). I took inspirations from the ship in the original '99 film and also from the stylized ones used in the clone wars series. The hardest part was the bit between the engines and the rear satellites, couldn't find an image clear enough but luckily I stumbled upon some Cosmos Models model recreation. It had more detail than I needed but it was a great and detailed reference.

"If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?"

In the original game the section of the map where the cruiser is destroyed left a lot to be desired. the area was more impressionistic than realistic so I've taken a look at the hangar interior shots from the film and have recreated it the best I can. 

  • A work in progress but anything is an improvement by comparison.

I've made a good enough start of texturing the upper level. It still has a way to go but it adds the much need life that has been lacking in the level. It was daunting to look at all those grey assets and think about how long it was gonna take me to texture everything but I've figured out a process that doesn't take too long. 

  • Federation Ship interior (WIP)

All the assets in the game are pretty low poly and the majority of the detail is in the texturing. I want to see how good it can look in this stage before I tamper with adding more detail or normal maps. So far I like how things are coming together but without the correct lighting, it's hard to tell at the moment. There's a game I have been playing lately that I really wanna take inspiration from, it's called Creature in the Well, I really like it's aesthetic and the placement of the camera and the way it moves. I hope to incorporate some of those ideas into this level later down the line.

  • Also, it's a fun game.
  • Some more WIP screenshots

I think I'll end it at that for today. I'll hopefully be back in a few weeks with another tantalizing update on this project.

Bye for now,