Rapid Prototyping Week Four: Adrift (Tug Life)

General / 05 July 2019

Week fours theme was Lost (at Sea) and we decided to make a tugboat game but instead of setting it in space we decide to set in space. The basic set up for the game is that you play as a space garbage person who flies around picking up contracts from a variety of weird characters. You get rewarded for doing these contracts and experience. Along the way, you have to avoid pirates and meteors that can damage or destroy your ship. The game is pitched as an entry point for more hardcore simulations games like Elite Dangerous.

We wanted a friendly game aesthetic with a nice balance in colors and design. The idea of a tug boat floating in space did most of the leg work. That visual sold the game idea to everyone and helped inform the tone and gameplay. 

  • The towing mechanic. Gather clumps of trash and deliver them to your contractor.
  • The Pirate ship chase. Once seen the pirate ship chases you down and attempts to swallow up your ship
  • Character island. Meet colorful characters on trash islands and they will give you jobs to complete.
  • 3D tugboat Model

They're loads other stuff that I'll share at a late date so for now just enjoy this lot. 

  • Character based on Amy's original concept