Rapid Prototyping Week Three: Unwanted Ghosts

General / 29 June 2019

Week three's theme was Gaslighting, so to avoid the obviously shitty meaning of the word we decided to go with a cuter approach to the word. Our game idea is you play as a cute ghost that is too cute to be scary on their own so they must possess objects around the house to scare the new owner out of the house. 

Aesthetically we liked the idea of 3D backgrounds with 2d sprites. We took inspiration from games like Fallout Shelter and DuckTales Remastered. The house design was closely inspired by toy houses. I think we'd need to spend some more time to develop a style that evoked the cute design of Amy's original ghost sketch. Overall I think we did alright with the time we had to create this.

  • Ghost by Amy

I worked primarily on the 3D background of the house. I built the house, textured and animated the objects. Kept the detail to a minimum because of the time and we thought it would be less distracting to the player. 

  • House overview
  • Example of haunted room
  • Images on tv and in frames by Amy

Back next week with the next theme Lost (at Sea)

  • Credit to Amy for this gem